Welcome to my kitchen

An early morning walk in the X Bar Seven, a rural subdivision northwest of Lyons, Colorado. Along with my old dog, I grab my camera because the sunrise looks promising. We walk, my dog sniffs, I snap photos. What shall I do today? The day is open and free, my years of going to work are over. A hike in the high country, a bike ride near home, a movement class? Or a project at home, on the computer, or sewing? And what shall I cook for dinner? Ah, my thoughts always come back to food. Now I have the luxury of time to enjoy my kitchen, and the view out my window. We walk slowly. I snap photos of the view to the east.

We walk up the hill to home. I think about new projects. I’ve been toying with the idea of a cooking blog based on the 250 cookbooks that I have gathered over the years. I help my dog up the steps and into the house and go to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. Looking out my kitchen window, I try to think of how to start the blog. I take the coffee to my computer and open the photos I’ve just taken. Over forty photos of the sunrise. A few are keepers.

And then one photo pops out on the screen. This photo is of my view to the east, out my kitchen window. The sun is just peeking above the hills, the colors of sunrise fill the sky.

It hit me. This is how to start. I’ll share the view, and my view of life, and my philosophy of cooking. Mix it all together.

Part of my philosophy? Do what you enjoy whenever you can. Me, I love to cook. I am a foodie of sorts. Preparing a meal means time to play in the kitchen. I take my shoes off, turn on the music, smell the smells, and create something unique for our evening meal. As I work I look out the windows at the Colorado foothills. What a treat, to have the time to do this simple pleasure. I realize how lucky I am.

And so this blog begins.

September 2012

view from my kitchen (April 2014)

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