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Pressure Cooker recipes: Genius Kitchen

My bookmark for Genius Kitchen has in the url “” as the domain name. Now it redirects to “”. Hey, what happened! I find out on the site:

You’ve probably noticed that looks a little different. The site officially transitioned into our new Genius Kitchen experience in 2017, but don’t worry, everything you love about is still available on Genius Kitchen, including your favorite recipes.”

I am one of the many cooks who accessed, starting in about 1999. Sometimes because I knew the site had many recipes, sometimes because I was searching for how to cook something and that site popped up in the search results. “Genius Kitchen” is a better name, it has more character! I learn on Wikipedia that it is now part of the Discovery Inc. portfolio. Discovery Inc. operates “factual television” networks, including the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Science Channel, Food Network, and the Travel Channel.

Genius Kitchen joins home and professional cooks into a cooking community. There are tons of recipes – and over half a million are user generated! It has videos of food preparation, and delightful “shows” like Carnivorous with Courtney Rada. Genius Kitchen features a “community-inspired activity feed that allows users to add reviews, tweaks, questions and photos, breaking food news”. With apps and social media support, you can access the recipes you have saved from wherever you are.

The site has ads. Oh well.

I truly appreciate the site map for navigation, which makes it simple to find specific topics.

Genius Kitchen Pressure Cooker Recipes

When you do a search using “pressure cooker”, you get a whole page of recipes with a photo and title and link; you can narrow search for “pressure cooker chicken” and come up with a handle-able number of recipes that are, indeed, only for pressure cooker chicken (on one site I use, “pressure cooker chicken” will pull up some recipes that are chicken cooked conventionally). At the time I accessed this page, there were143 results.

The recipes below are ones I’d like to try, or simply examples of the type of recipe one can find on the site. There is a print function for each recipe that I can use to save it as a pdf.

Frozen-To-Fabulous 30 Minute Pressure Cooker Chicken and Mushrooms This is the recipe that I saved as my original bookmark for the site. It calls for frozen chicken thighs and a 20 minute, quick release cooking method. It calls for two cans of mushroom soup! I usually just keep one such can in my pantry. (The Kitchn has a recipe for 30-Minute Pressure-Cooker Cacciatore Chicken that calls for frozen chicken drumsticks.)

Pressure Cooker Chicago Steak Roll Ups These use round steak, a cut that is often cheap and often livery tasty. They might do well in the pressure cooker, though. I would probably stuff them with something other than the suggested butternut squash.

Chicken and Dumplings I love chicken and dumplings, and have several recipes for this treat – but not a pressure cooker one.This recipe calls for bone-in, skinless chicken breasts.

Pressure Cooker Hungarian Chicken I like the seasonings in this dish, but the pressure cooking is a bit unusual. First, you cook on high pressure for 5 minutes, then on low pressure for 7 minutes. (Recall: most recipes on this site are user-contributed, so there is less consistency in recipe instructions.)

Lamb Shanks With Garlic and Port Wine The title says it all! Lamb, garlic, and wine go well together.

Giant Instant-Pot Pancakes Why would anyone do this? Pancakes are so simple on the stove. And this giant pancake looks more like a cake – and takes 40 minutes to prepare! Oh well, someone would probably like it.

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