Pressure Cooker Recipe Websites: Summary

So far, I have covered seven web sites of pressure cooker recipes. Each post was fairly long, as I was using the posts to study my topic: pressure cooking in an electric pressure cooker. I have learned a lot, and I have a good list of recipes to try. As I stretch out to more sites on the internet, I’m finding a lot of repetition in the recipes. But often, in each collection, there are a few gems. As to learning pressure cooking techniques? Time to “take it to the kitchen” and practice, practice, practice.

This current post will now be the only bookmark I need to access all of the web sites I like for pressure cooker recipes. The content of this current post will change as I find and add in more sites.

These are the sites I have covered so far:

  1. Serious Eats and my blog post on Serious Eats
  2. and my blog post on
  3. Pressure Cooking Today and my blog post on Pressure Cooking Today
  4. The Kitchn and my blog post on The Kitchn
  5. Instant Pot® and my blog post on Instant Pot®
  6. Peggy Under Pressure and my blog post on Peggy Under Pressure
  7. Genius Kitchen and my blog post on Genius Kitchen

More sites, as I find them:

Skinny Taste

The author of the site, Gina Homolka, is the author of several Skinny Taste cook books. I like her cooking philosophy: “eat seasonal, clean, whole foods and maintain good portion control” and her life philosophy: “exercise + a well balanced diet + good sleep = a happy life”. I also like the organization of the web site because each recipe has an associated diet-type icon, for instance, low-carb, keto, kid friendly, whole 30, freezer friendly, etc. And the dishes are interesting, like Morrocan meatballs and shredded harissa chicken. Often a recipe has both slow cooker and pressure cooker directions.

Amy plus Jacky

This is a growing collection of recipes for the Instant Pot. The recipe section that first caught my eye is “Instant Pot Chinese Takeout Recipes”. Oh wow! Shumai! These are little dumplings that I have been making for years, although I spell it “Shui-Mai”. They only take 3 minutes in the pressure cooker. Hopefully my bamboo steaming racks will fit in my cooker (they do!). General Tso’s chicken wrap has great flavorings and could adapt easily to a low-carb meal. And for pot roasts, a question I’ve had to consider: “It’s so confusing! How long should we cook pot roast in the pressure cooker? 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 75 minutes, 90 minutes, or ??? Let’s discover the BEST Pot Roast cooking time through this pressure cooker experiment!”. Definitely a site to keep an eye on.

Brit + Co pressure cooker recipes

Brit + Co is a media company that “inspires, educates and entertains real women with a creative spirit”. Most of the site is about everything but food. However, the section on pressure cooker recipes, inspired by the current “rage” in popularity of instant pots, has some good recipe ideas. For instance, I like the recipe for steal cut oats with carrots and spices. I’ll explore the page on how to cook artichokes. The recipes are not located on-site, instead they are links to on other sites, some of which I have already reviewed. So, the link above is not only a source of ideas, but a source of other sites that have pressure cooker recipes.

Taste of Home

Taste of Home is a commercial and a community site. They publish a magazine and books, but also accept user-contributed recipes. It takes a long time for the main page to load in (even with a fast connection!), and the “about us” is at the very bottom of that page. So here is a convenient link to what Taste of Home is all about. The section on pressure cookers touts 100 recipes. Some of the recipes strike me as “why cook that in a pressure cooker?” Especially breakfast french toast or waffle bake and dessert cakes or anything that takes less than 30 minutes on the stove top. It’s like these recipes are written for a young adult living in a kitchen that does not have a stove and they have to use an instant pot to cook everything. (I have had this same thought at several other sites.) The recipes interesting to me are Sweet and Sour Pork (boneless pork loin, 10 minutes quick release), Nutty Apple Butter (a good use for apples on the wane, peanut butter, 8 minutes in the pressure cooker vs my recipe that takes10 hours in a slow cooker), Apple Cranberry Grains (wheat berries and quinoa), and Pork Pozole (boneless pork ribs, canned hominy added after 20 minutes for another 5 minutes).

Real House Moms

Real House Moms is a site written by people like you and me, with a professional interface, a newsletter, lots of recipes, ideas for do-it-yourself, parenting issue discussions, and more. Aubrey is the main author, with a host of contributors: “Real Housemoms started as a way to share recipes with friends, now I just have a lot more friends!” Bloggers and others can apply to be a member of the RH team of contributors. The pressure cooker section has 25 recipes. I might try the French dip sandwiches, Korean beef, chicken and rice, and chicken faux pho (a paleo Vietnamese chicken dish).

Hip Cooking Pressure Cooking

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